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POD with Refillable Tank

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 *** General Introduction:

 R series is the POD with refillable tank design. It has 1000mAh battery and 2ML POD capacity, just in a small size of 9CM length. The battery can be charged over 3hunderd times and the POD can be re-puffed many times with the replaceable coil. This product is designed with two different kinds of coils. One is 0.8Ω and the other is 1.2Ω which can create different amount of smog and throat hitting. Also it can burn the different e-liquid well enough. R Series is the Key-press puffing model.

*** Main Structure: 1pc Battery Body + 1pc Coil Base + 1pc Coil +1pc POD +1pc Cap

 * R series battery: Polymer Lithium Battery.

Capacity: 1000mAh. 

Output: 15W with the 0.8Ω  coil; 11.5W with the 1.2Ω  coil. 

Charging: DC5V, 1000mA. Micro USB port.

 * R series size:

Length: 90mm; Width: 30mm; Height: 16.8mm.

Weight: 48.8g.

Material: Aluminum Alloy. 

 * LED Indication:

LED turns on during charging or puffing. Three different colors to show different power left. 

RED means less than 40%

Yellow means from 40% to 60%.

Green means from 60% to 100%.

 If without operation, the device will turn off automatically one hour later.

 * Different colors for choice: RED, GRAY, BLUE, SILVER or OEM. 


 *** POD Tank Introduction: 1pc POD Tank + 1pc Coil + 1pc Base

 * POD material: Food Grade PCTG.

Capacity: 2ML. (It can be filled with your own e-liquid. FARSEE E-liquid is the most recommended.)

Coil Resistance: 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω for puffing. 

Airflow Controller: Rotate the controller to adjust the best airflow you like. 

* Filling e-liquid into the POD: 

Open the plug and fill e-liquid within 2ML into the tank. Press the plug back tightly after filling. 

* Replaceable Coil: two types for your trying. 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω (15W and 11.5W output).

Different power output, different puffing and feeling. 

Packaging: Sealed Foil Wrapper.