Classical E-cig

FS812 Classical E-cig

  • 1, Classical E-cig
    2, Different screws for choice
    3, FS812 has exclusive partner in USA
    4, FS510,FS808,FS4808,FS4118,FS4118S for choice.


                                                             Classic E-cig FS812

FARSEE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED produces the classical type of small electronic cigarettes, like the rechargeable E-cig FS812, FS510, FS808 and FS4808; the disposable E-cig FS4118, FS4118S; and the disposable E-cigar FS4120, FS4140 and FS4155. 

FARSEE keeps using the best materials for all of our producing e-cigs. We always supply the best E-liquid and battery cores. We put the safety and health at the most important position always. The latest technology and most strict producing quality control can guarantee FARSEE's e-cigs work in a great stable performance and wonderful smoking experience. 

                                                                Popular E-cig FS510

 * FS510 series is fully compatible with the 510/eGo series in the market. It is the most popular thread/screw in e-cig field. You can try our FS510/eGo products and we keep supplying the best quality and technology.


 * FS808 series is fully compatible with the S808D series but with much better quality and structure. It adapts the noble silver-plating surface treatment.  

                                                         Manual Battery with LED

* The new-tech manual battery can be produced for all small e-cigs. It adapts the glass on the LED side and your logo can be carved and lighted up here.  

                                           Disposable E-cig FS4118 and FS4118S

* The disposable e-cigs of FS4118 and FS4118S are the most popular disposable e-cigs in the whole market. FS4118 supports 500puffs and FS4118S supports 150puffs. 

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                                 FS812/FS510/FS808 Series Default Packaging 

 *** FS812/FS510/FS808 Default Packaging:






 320mAh, white color/red LED as default.

Mega Cartomizer


1.4ML, 450puffs. 

Orange color, Marlboro 18mg as default.

USB Charger and Adapter


 Safe output: DC 4.5 - 4.8V 0.12A

User Manual


Model number: FS812/FS510/FS808

Gift Box


 Leather surface with bronzing characters.

* Your OEM Packaging Design is welcome. 

* Blister Packaging is available.