FSLiquid E-liquid

  • 1, FARSEE produces the most healthy E-liquid. It tastes the same as real cigarette or other flavors.
    2, Different nicotine levels and rich flavors for choice.
    3, FARSEE has the full lab-test for all E-liquid.


                                                         FARSEE E-LIQUID

FARSEE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED produces the most healthy E-liquid with the best materials and most strict quality control. Our E-liquid has the full test in the famous US lab. It is not harmful to smokers at all, but it's the perfect substitute of real cigarette.

For your health, please don't use the unhealthy or low-level e-liquid. Please keep using FARSEE E-liquid to make sure the safety and healthy.  

* FARSEE produces all kinds of flavors and supplies the full nicotine levels from 0mg to 36mg.


*** more accessories, please visit http://www.farseecigarette.com *** 

                                                 Metal Case FS14 & FS16

                                                      Sing eGo Bag FS26

                                              Mega eGo Bag FS28 & FS29

                                                         USB Charger Adapters

                                                                Holder and Lanyard


                                                         FS E-liquid Packaging 

* Plastic bottle packaging. Each bottle is packed in a white box. 

* OEM is welcome. 

* 5ML,10ML,15ML,20ML,30ML, etc. Different bottle sizes for choice.