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FSeGo Popular E-cig

  • 1, FS eGo has 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh as regular eGo batteries.
    2, FS eGo can use FS510 cartomizers and its special tank cartridges like FS-T4 and FS-T5 series.
    3, PCC of FS V1-power and V2-power for choice.
    4, OEM and ODM are welcome.


                                                                                      FS eGo

FARSEE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED produces the mega e-cigarette of FS eGo series. We always use the best battery cores and PCB, we supplying the safest structure and quality for these bigger power instruments. 

FARSEE keeps using the best materials for all of our producing e-cigs. We always supply the best E-liquid and battery cores. We put the safety and health at the most important position always. The latest technology and most strict producing quality control can guarantee FARSEE's e-cigs work in a great stable performance and wonderful smoking experience. 


 * FS eGo can use FS510's cartomizer, FS-T4, FS-T5 or any other type of tanks in the market with eGo thread.


 * FS eGo has the traditional key-press design and the new flat-key design. Also there are variable voltage battery, auto battery, screwdriver, USB battery and some other popular eGo designs for choice. 

                                                        Auto-eGo FS520 Series

                                                          Screwdriver FS540 

                                             Twist Variable Voltage Battery FS550

                                                                    USB eGo Battery FS570 

                                                                       FS V1-power

 * FARSEE TECHNOLOGY has PCC of V1-power and V2-power for choice. 

                                                                        FS V2-power

For more details, please visit http://www.farseecigarette.com.


                                                                      FS eGo Packaging

 *** FS eGo Default Packaging:




FSeGo Battery 


650mAh, black color/white LED as default.

FS510 Mega Cartomizer


1.2ML, 450puffs. 

Black color, Marlboro 18mg as default.

USB Charger and Adapter


 Safe output: DC 4.5 - 4.8V 0.12A

User Manual


Model number: FS eGo

Gift Box


 Leather surface with bronzing characters.

 * Packing box with other types of batteries and Tank cartridges is available. 


* Other types of blister packaging or blister-box packaging for choice. 

* For more details, please visit http://www.farseecigarette.com.